Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting Branded Content

Creating goals for your content is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. When determining what to post, each piece of content must align with some aspect of the larger plan. Social media marketers should ask themselves these questions to determine if an article or post is worthy of attaching to your brand.

1. Is this relevant to my audience's audience?

Clients always ask me why their content has not gone viral in the past. They have invested a ton of time and money into making a funny video or helpful article, but wonder why people are not sharing it. It is all about relevance. People may watch something that appeals to them, but they will only share it if it appeals to their followers as well. Make sure your content can be appreciated by those not following you directly.

2. Which part of my marketing strategy does this post progress?

There is often a mismatch between the goals of an organization and its social media presence. Every single post should achieve a small goal that is part of the overall strategy. If you are unsure what the post accomplishes, start over with your goal in mind.

3. What do I want my audience to do?

Your goal should not be to just get in front of a potential customer. Everyone is trying to do that. Each post should be pushing your audience to do something. You do not have to ask for anything huge from your followers, such as immediately buying your product. Rather, you should nudge them to read your most recent blog post or keep you in mind the next time they are in the market for your product.

4. How do I want my audience to feel?

This might be the most critical question. Branding is mostly about the emotional connection your company and products build with consumers. Social media should be an extension of that emotion. Do you want them to feel like they are something good for the community by buying your product? Or that they are informed customers for following you? When you know what emotions, you want to evoke, the content become much clearer.

A special thank you to David Garic, CEO of Garic Leadership and Adjunct Professor of Management at Tulane University.