Watch Our Newest Ad: "People Hate Ads"

For our most recent video ad, we wanted to emphasize, ironically, why people hate ads.  Whether people mute, skip or close the ad, the same universal truth remains evident: you cannot annoy people into liking your brand.

Here's the ad:


Internet ads don't work because people are getting smarter- or at least they have a better understanding of the internet.  Researchers at Stanford concluded, "that the most personalized ads were less effective because consumers worried they were being exploited."

Paid ads create an adversarial relationship between the advertiser and the consumer.  Essentially, companies are paying to stand in the way of a viewer and the content they want to consume.

That explains why ads on YouTube are skipped as soon as possible 90% of the time.  With Facebook rolling out new video ads in the coming months, we're likely to see a similar audience reaction.

As always, the best way to create an affinity towards your brand is to invest in quality content that people willingly view and, more importantly, share.