The Wisnicki Method

How We Make Things Go Viral in Five Steps

Step One:

Explore Brand

We will look into your company’s persona to determine membership groups, potential customers, and target the ideal audience that is most likely to act on content you create.

Explore Brand.png

Step Two:

Set Goals

After reviewing your current standing on social media, we will examine where you would like to be after a set period. We can use measurable metrics such as total impressions, page followers, and engagement to analyze progress. The goals will be tailored to ensure they align with your company’s mission.

Set Goals.jpg

Step Three:

Create Content

This is the most important step of The Wisnicki Method. We will help you engineer all content to maximize the chance it goes viral. We have several tools we will share with you make sure that what you are creating is meant to reach the most people in your target audience.

Create Content.png

Step Four:

Package Content

How your content is previewed by potential viewers is almost as important as the content itself. We will ensure that how each video and post is represented will significantly increase the number of people who view it.


Step Five:

Distribute Content

We will find communities and influencers to share your content. From there, we will post it on networks where it is most likely to gain traction.

Distribute Content.png